The Martyr's Chapel, Barnabas Fund, Pewsey


In the words of St Stephen:  "Look!  I see heaven open" (Acts 7:56)

ANDREW TAYLOR - Fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters

 Andrew Taylor has been working with stained glass for  25 years and in that time  has been commissioned to do over sixty  new church windows.   He works primarily in the traditional way, using mostly handmade antique glass, leaded and soldered  together, but often with the emphasis on painting the glass with traditional vitreous fired paints.

Andrew welcomes enquiries to discuss new windows, for all situations: churches, public buildings or private homes and following discussion with the client can help create something truly  personal and unique.   Painting glass is more involved, but with beautiful glass not all needs to be painted so he  can  carefully tailor the design to suit a most budgets.

The studio also deals with  the  conservation and restoration of  painted stained glass and generally the care of all types of glass in Architecture.

He is an elected Fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters



 St John's Church, Tadworth.

Work ing on a private commission panel at the moment. I was asked to convey something of the Spirit of "Wiltshire Landscape".   These clumps of trees are typical seen atop and around the Wiltshire Downs, usually on Bronze Age remains. Standing stones, burial mounds are often seen in the landscape. This is still unfired paint.